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Pro Bono

For those who have none, we stand with you. Our pro bono initiative, aspires to provide free legal aid to the under-privileged in our society, including NGOs and other organizations working for the betterment of the society and upliftment of marginalized communities.

Our pro bono services are a reflection of our core values and ideals of providing access to justice and promoting social and economic development of the country.


We invite applications from Non-Governmental Organisations, Institutions, Corporations, Trusts, Charitable Organisations, Law Firms or any other organisation involved in providing access to justice to the needy. We encourage indigent persons or those who may be in touch with such persons to apply for legal aid as well. We provide aid in the form of legal advice, approaching appropriate government authorities for assistance and conducting legal proceedings in the court of law, as needed.*

If you wish to apply for our pro bono services, please write an email to Please mention the following details in the body of the email:


  • Name & Age of the Applicant

  • Occupation of the Applicant

  • Details of the Person in need (If other than the applicant)

  • Name of Organization (if applicant is an organisation)

  • Complete Address

  • Brief Details of the Case 

  • Contact Details (Phone number & email ID)


Upon submission, we shall assess the need for legal aid of the applicants individually and get in touch with you within 2 weeks from such submission. If the application is accepted, our counsels shall contact the applicants directly and begin the process of providing legal services as per the needs and demands of each case.


*the aid, in case of organisations, includes professional fee of lawyers alone and does not include out of pocket expenses.

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